Beatles official TheDailyVinyl music videos

Here are the vinyl videos I’ve made featuring THE BEATLES!

And now a little reading material fer ya….

Kindle version…

And here’s the remastered vinyl collection:

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The Basics (Gotye) – So Hard For You (demo) – Leftovers (TheDailyVinyl official music video #56)

You may remember the artist Gotye. He, uh, got naked with a hot chick while their bodies got painted and then reminisced about Somebody That They Used to Know. Well, his real name is Wally De Backer and Gotye is his solo project. His rock ‘n’ roll band is called The Basics. He’s the drummer & part-time singer with co-founder and co-writer Kris Schroeder & guitarist Tim Heath.

The band has released 3 full-length studio albums, a live record several EPs, and has just released 2 compilations, one of favorites (“Ingredients”) and one consisting of demos, live bits and alternate mixes called “Leftovers”.

I pre-ordered my vinyl copy from and got it on March 1, 2013.
Join me (and Bronte) checking out the first track for the first time. Spoiler alert – it’s AWESOME!
While the vinyl contains 13 tracks, the album also comes with a download card for 38 songs!!! SWEET!
Check it out.

Oh, and check out as well as my other YouTube channel,

From the last Basics-related recording session, Kris Schroeder had initially intended for the recording of “So Hard For You” and “A Night Inside Your Mind” to be used as demos to ‘sell’ to other artists. With the recording of his solo EP Patience in the Face of Control, these recordings were shelved and have never been released (let alone heard by anyone outside of the band.) Though Kris insists the song was written about the uneven relationship between celebrities and their entourage, there have been suggestions that the real meaning could be closer to home and involving someone close, thought this has never been substantiated.

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Life Is A Rock But The Radio Rolled Me – Reunion (The Daily Vinyl music video #54)

This video was SO much fun to produce! I think it comes across. PLEASE enjoy & share if you like!

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California Girls – The Beach Boys – TheDailyVinyl music video #25

Finally releasing #25. Filmed on Spring Break a couple years ago. (What? you don’t bring your turntable to the beach with you on Spring Break?)

Sometimes what I enjoy the most about filming these random locations is what just happens in the moment. Here I am, filming the surf, playing “Endless Summer” when 4 girls on their Spring Break come running across the beach. When they got to the top of the steps next to me, and I asked if they wanted to dance around and imagine they heard The Beach Boys (since I record the vinyl audio separately). They were such great sports and made the video so much more fun!

The new Beach Boys album can be downloaded for $5!

Or order the vinyl!!!!!

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Union Of The Snake (remix) by Duran Duran – The Daily Vinyl video #52

Can’t think of a better song to play while feeding your pet python!

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Somebody That I Used To Know – Gotye (TheDailyVinyl music video #51)

When I first heard this song it BLEW MY MIND! Hope you enjoy & share. The whole Gotye album is amazing.

Download the song:

Or get the whole album on CD:

Or even better… visit your local record store and buy the vinyl!!

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The Beatles Medley – Stars on 45 Drive My Car, Nowhere Man, Eleanor Rigby, Get Back, While My Guitar, etc

Finally finished Vinyl Video #48. If you were alive around 1980/1981 you might remember a bit of medley craze. I think “Hooked On Classics” was the first big hit. The next couple big ones were a Beach Boys medley that used the REAL Beach Boys audio tracks and this “band” called Stars On 45. This is Side A of the album “Stars On Long Play”. I did a little bit of editing to the theme song at the beginning, middle & end to keep it under 15 minutes.

I filmed this with the help of my 2 girls. As you may know, I record the audio on my home stereo system to get the best quality, then synch up in editing. The lights were activated by sound, so for 17 minutes my girls and I made non-stop noise and singing at the top of our voices. Hilarious.

If you want to own the single version, it’s downloadable here:

(The single version also has a bit of “Venus” and “Sugar”)

Or the full Side A:

(wow, all 15 minutes for only 89 cents! jeepers!)

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Which Way The Wind Blows – Anthony Phillips & Phil Collins (TheDailyVinyl music video #49)

Which Way The Wind Blows – Anthony Phillips & Phil Collins (TheDailyVinyl music video #49) Yep, you read that right, vinyl video #49! What will #50 be?????

This song is from a bloke named Anthony Phillips. He was the original guitarist and co-founding member of the Rock and Roll Hall-Of-Fame band GENESIS. Pretty much nobody knows him except for fans of their classic 70′s material. He left the band shortly before Phil Collins joined on the drums.

Anthony’s first solo album had his friend and co-founding member of Genesis Mike Rutherford working with him. Mike (who would later lead the 80′s supergroup Mike + The Mechanics) suggested they bring in Phil to sing two songs. He seemed to have a nice enough voice. (Certainly not the kind of voice that would one day rule the charts in the 80′s!)

Anyway, this song seemed so appropriate for the lovely autumn day. Enjoy!

And if you’re local record store does not have any Anthony Phillips in stock (he’s not that easy to come by), feel free to use my affiliate links below to acquire his catalog.

(BTW, I ran the numbers, and I currently have 2.55 GB of Anthony Phillips’ music in my iTunes collection, lasting 31 hours on non-stop, non-repeating music!)

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The Kinks – 20th Century Man from Muswell Hillbillies (TheDailyVinyl music video #47)

Sometimes a 20th Century Man has to iron his clothes.

If you dig what I’m doing here, won’t you join my Facebook page

Ooooh, look. You can order your own 180-Gram vinyl copy of “Muswell Hillbillies” if you can’t first find it at your local independent record store!

So Many great records by The Kinks! Click here to see them on

(and, yes, the link is through my affiliate account with Amazon. Basically, Amazon will one day throw a few bucks my way for sending business to them. The truth is, I have yet to see 1 dime in the 2.5 years I’ve been doing this, so money is NOT the main reason why I put the links. I think of it as a tip jar for people who were gonna buy something from Amazon anyway. And one day there will be enough in the tip jar to buy another record. Also, I hope it shows good will toward the artist/management/labels that in fact I am trying to promote their music through my own creativity and not some sort of piracy site.)

Ooooh, look! More NEW expanded KINKS Deluxe Editions:

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Genesis – Inside and Out [TheDailyVinyl music video #46]

The “Spot The Pigeon” EP was Genesis’ last studio release with their amazing guitar player Steve Hackett. Soon after, they became superstars. The 3 songs on “Spot The Pigeon” was released in 1978 but were leftovers from their classic “Wind & Wuthering” LP.

The filming of this video can be summed up as “extension cord management”. I filmed this on father’s day 2011 with my darling little angel fairies (who can be seen in other TheDailyVinyl videos). They “helped” me keep the cords from getting stuck around corners and such.

If you haven’t picked up the remastered box sets, here’s my affiliate links to them on Amazon. (by using these links I get, like 57 cents!!! One day I hope to earn enough to buy a 45! Please help me live my dream!) Each box set contains both the Audio/Stereo CD, plus a 5:1 remastered DVD with incredible bonus content (live shows, all the music videos, and brand new documentaries). Most also include a bonus CD w/ b-sides & EPs.

The Classic Peter Gabriel era CDs (The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway, Selling England By The Pound, etc):

The brilliant pre-superstar years when Phil Collins humbly took over lead vocal duties. Amazing songwriting!!! This collection includes the bonus disc that includes the featured song above. (Plus early hit songs “Turn It On Again” “Abacab” “No Reply At All” “Follow You, Follow Me”)
(looks like it might be out-of-print! Yikes! Better hurry & get it now before it goes up in value further!!!)

Big time popular years. You know the hits: “That’s All” “Mama” “Invisible Touch” “Land Of Confusion” “Tonight Tonight Tonight” “No Son of Mine” …

Here’s the live records, also w/ Audio CD & 5:1 remastered discs. (I have yet to purchase this myself… makes a fine Christmas gift for The Dude!)

Here’s the live movies on DVD (Three Sides Live, Mama Tour, Invisible Tour, We Can’t Dance + bonus footage. Again… makes a fine Christmas gift for your loved one and me.)

But HERE’s the BOMB!!!! … the original Peter Gabriel era records on VINYL!!!! (remixed and remastered! brilliant!!!)

Peace to you!!!!

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I finally launched my new YouTube channel: TheDailyVinylLIVE. I filmed everything in Nashville and I’ve uploaded my first 3 playlists for:
Paul Simon
The Wood Brothers

Be sure to watch in HD!

And I have just a handful of U2 songs left to go before I have a near-complete U2 concert.

Enjoy!!!! (And support the artists by buying the CDs or legally downloading their songs. Even cooler if you can them on VINYL!!!!!)


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Ritual by YES (‘Nous sommes du soleil’ edit) [The Daily Vinyl music video #42]

Oh, and while we’re speaking of YES… I guess I forgot to post the link to The Daily Vinyl music video #42: “Ritual” by YES (special ‘Nous sommes du soleil’ rare edit)

Using a very rare DJ pressing of YES’s 1973 controversial double album “Tales From Topographic Ocean,” I created a unique VINYL version. (Guess this could have been the single edit, if they had just asked me!) The full length version is over 20-minutes.

The bulk of this video was filmed in East Tennessee out in the woods of Fairfield Glade. I was on a “spiritual retreat” so, of course, I brought my turntable. I filmed my drive back in the snow and it just felt magical. Wanting to bring the video out of the cold and into the blue sky & sunshine, I later filmed my drive to Florida the following Spring with this video in mind. (Look for the double rainbow… WHAT DOES IT MEAN???)

I hope you enjoy it.

And I have to say, as much as I love my records, if ever an album benefited from being remastered to CD, it’s “Tales From Topographic Ocean”. It simply sounds incredible. I realize that a double album with only 4 songs is not for the faint-of-heart, but it really is an incredible masterpiece of the genre that has become known as prog-rock.

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I’m Running by Yes [TheDailyVinyl music video#45]

Dedicated to the runners of the Country Music Marathon, April 30 2011. At this point, these athletes have already completed 19.4 miles!!!! and still another 7 miles to go. (Heck, I get winded running 2 blocks, so I’m amazed at all these people! Good on ya!)

The song “I’m Running” was recorded by the band YES and released on their 1987 album “Big Generator” — the follow-up record to 90125. (You may see a similar code on the lyric sleeve.) This song was always my favorite from “Big Generator” and the closest to that classic YES.

The filming was fun. It was hot and windy. You can actually watch the sun warping the record, hence the reason I used the LP jacket as shade. That seemed to help. Couldn’t stop the wind tho! Look out!!!

You can see the difference in album cover from vinyl to CD:

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Time Is Passing by Pete Townshend [The Daily Vinyl music video #44]

Be sure to watch in HD!

“Who Came First” was Pete Townshend’s first major-label solo album and released in 1972. It includes demos from the aborted THE WHO concept album “Lifehouse” — part of which became “Who’s Next.” The original release had a gatefold cover and included a poster with additional photos of Meher Baba.

This song “Time Is Passing” was also recorded by The Who and finally released on the 1998 remastered version of “Odds & Sods”.

I hope you enjoy this video filmed over the course of several hours & a couple of days. I think my favorite moment is in the last 3 seconds.

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I Saw Her Standing There by The Beatles [The Daily Vinyl music video #43]

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Beach Boys Medley (Good Vibrations/ Help Me Rhonda/ Surfin’ Safari/ Fun Fun Fun) [The Daily Vinyl music video #41]

May 14, 2010 — Ahhh yes!!! The beach! The Daily Vinyl braves the wind blowing sand all around like crazy to present The Daily Vinyl music video #41 – “The Beach Boys Medley”. This medley, to my knowledge, is not available of CD or download anywhere!

In order, the songs of the medley include:
“Good Vibrations”
“Help Me, Rhonda”
“I Get Around”
“Shut Down”
“Surfin’ Safari”
“Barbara Ann”
“Surfin’ USA”
“Fun, Fun, Fun”

The first three songs in the medley represent, in reverse chronological order, the group’s three #1 hits from the 60′s. 4 of the other 5 songs reached at least the Top 5 (the exception being “Surfin’ Safari.”)

The medley reached #12 on the Billboard Hot 100 in 1981, becoming the band’s highest charting hit in the U.S. in over five years. And I love playing this song when I’m DJ’ing pool parties. But ya gotta have the 45!

BTW, this was filmed at the beach in Destin, Florida on Spring Break.

30 songs for $11. Great deal. Classics too! (and some of my favorite tunes that most people don’t know, like “Heroes & Villains,” “Do It Again,” “Wild Honey” – awesome tracks!)

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The White Album – Side 3 by The Beatles [The Daily Vinyl music video #40]

April 28, 2010 — The third installment of highlights from “The Beatles” (aka “The White Album”), featuring “Mother Nature’s Son” / “Everybody’s Got Something To Hide Except Me and My Monkey” / “Sexy Sadie”. Big BIG thanks to the East Nashville art group, The Collective Muse. They completely brainstormed this idea. It took us several meetings to nail down the pre-planning … and then we threw it all out the window and just ran with it in the moment.

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The Show Must Go On by Three Dog Night [The Daily Vinyl music video #39]

March 08, 2010 — The Daily Vinyl video #39: “The Show Must Go On” by Three Dog Night

“The Dude’s” 2 little girls were in a Circus Acrobatics class at Studio 1406 in East Nashville. The music playing every week kept reminding me of this song. So, thank goodness I held on to this 45 since 1974. (Used to be my big brothers, whom I must thank/blame for their musical influence.) The video concludes with their receital.

I hope you enjoy. Feel free to rate, comment & subscribe.

(21 songs for under $12. Pretty good deal. Cheaper than downloading one-at-a-time!)

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The Daily Vinyl video #38: “The Ancient” (special edit) by YES


March 06, 2010 — Using a rare DJ pressing of YES’s 1973 controversial double album “Tales From Topographic Ocean,” I created this special edit. This could have been used as a “single” if they had done such a thing to this nearly 19-minute song. This is from Part 4 of “The Ancient (Giants Under The Sun)” which consumes the entire 3rd side (as does each of the four songs on this release – hence the “controversy”).

The video was filmed in East Tennessee out in the woods of Fairfield Glade. The turntable was mostly covered, but as you can see, snow did occasionally drift in. I was on a “spiritual retreat” and of course, I brought my turntable. I hope you enjoy it. 5-star ratings are always appreciated.

Remember… The Dude gets some spare change when you purchase something thru Amazon using the provided links. Support TheDailyVinyl! thanks…
The YES store on Amazon. (CDs and MP3s)

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The Daily Vinyl video #37: “Ain’t That Peculiar” by Peter Gabriel (RARE!)

This classic soul number was performed by Peter Gabriel in Chicago 1979. It was released on the Bristol Recorder. Which was apparently a record with a magazine attached to the gatefold sleeve and produced in Bristol, UK. This was the 2nd volume released like this. To my knowledge, this recording is NOT AVAILABLE ANYWHERE! (Feel free to correct me if I’m wrong.)

Peter’s notes on this track (and references to 2 other live songs “Not One Of Us” and “Humdrum” for possible future TheDailyVinyl release) are as follows:
“A cassette recording featuring my Alexis Korner impersonation on the intro. The band were Tony Levin: bass. Larry Fast: synthesiser. Allan Schwartzberg: drums. Jimmy Maelen: percussion. Phil Aaberg: piano. Steve Hunter: lead guitar. Robert Fripp: rhythm guitar (partly concealed). These cassettes were dug out of the live cassette box, so the quality of sound is rough. Certain of the vocal bits made me cringe so I spent a little time ‘doctoring’ ‘Not One Of Us’ and ‘Ain’t That Peculiar.’ In the profession, we call this cheating.” (You can hear how his vocals are “double tracked”)

Pre-order the new Peter Gabriel record “Scratch My Back”

Description on Amazon:
Peter Gabriel s Scratch My Back album project is the first part of a series of song exchanges in which Gabriel and other leading artists reinterpret each other s songs. To help craft his recording of the album s eclectic array of cult favorites and classic tracks, Gabriel enlisted former Durutti Column member John Metcalfe, composer, arranger and the expertise of producer Bob Ezrin (Pink Floyd’s The Wall , Lou Reed’s Berlin ) and engineer, mixer and producer Tchad Blake (Suzanne Vega, Sheryl Crow, Tom Waits).

Gabriel describes this as a very personal record with twelve songs performed only with orchestral instruments and voice. He made the choice not to include guitar or drums. The album’s richly diverse sounds include the sparse romance of Lou Reed’s The Power of the Heart , the powerful musical journey of David Bowie’s Heroes and an epic arrangement of Arcade Fire’s My Body Is A Cage. Gabriel and his collaborators recorded the album at George Martin’s Air Lyndhurst Studios and the Real World Temple with further editing and mixing at his own Real Worlds Studio in Wiltshire. The Scratch My Back release is one of the most creative and engaging records from an iconic artist in a long time. The marketing focus is to penetrate Peter Gabriel’s core fan base as well as fans of all genres and in all demographics given the scope of artists being covered as well as its depth of composition.

Here is the complete track listing:
1. Heroes (David Bowie)
2. The Boy In The Bubble (Paul Simon)
3. Mirrorball (Elbow)
4. Flume (Bon Iver)
5. Listening Wind (Talking Heads)
6. The Power Of The Heart (Lou Reed)
7. My Body Is A Cage (Arcade Fire)
8. The Book Of Love (The Magnetic Fields)
9. I Think It’s Going To Rain Today (Randy Newman)
10. Apres Moi (Regina Spektor)
11. Philadelphia (Neil Young)
12. Street Spirit (Fade Out) (Radiohead)

The Deluxe special edition has a 2nd disc with:
1. The Book Of Love (Remix)
2. My Body Is A Cage (Oxford London Temple Version)
3. Waterloo Sunset (The Kinks) (Oxford London Temple Version)
4. Heroes (Wildebeest Mix)

The Release Date is March 2nd!!!

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