Life is a Rock (but the writer emailed me!)

I made a fun video for a one-hit-wonder Reunion from 1973. A song called “Life is a Rock (But the Radio Rolled Me”. I loved this song as a kid as did my older brothers.

I was quite surprised when I received this email from the lyricist:

Dear Dude,
I gotta tell you, your video of “Life Is A Rock (But the Radio Rolled Me)” Is the funniest thing in the world.
I am honored and impressed. And touched…
I forwarded a link to Paul diFranco the composer, and he agrees wholeheartedly that the video is absolutely wonderful.
All best regards,
Norman Dolph

What an awesome feeling!! If you haven’t seen the video (or, ya just GOTTA SEE IT AGAIN!) here it is….


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Vinyl Hunting: Finding Rare and Imported Releases

Vinyl Hunting: Finding Rare and Imported Releases
by guest blogger Jason Kane

Many audiophiles devote a lot of time to searching for imported releases. It’s a popular pastime, and some rare musical treats will only be found on records from other countries. While there’s a decent market for foreign rock groups and the like, British bands are usually the most familiar to North American music fans. There are numerous American and Canadian groups that received record releases in Europe and Asia. Fans of reggae are certainly going to want to check out the world of Jamaican releases. Some fans even like to see the special releases that came out on French language labels in Quebec.

European Vinyl

Believe it or not, many European albums featuring American and Canadian recording artists will have sleeves in English. Only the record label and some other myriad details will have changed. That being said, that doesn’t mean that these records aren’t worth anything. They can often fetch a good price at auction or in antique stores. Of course, that also means that buyers might have to spend some time shopping around to find the right price.

Once in a while, it’s possible to find a rare track on one of these that might not have had a stateside release. Entire volumes have been written on the differences between Beatles albums in the USA and the UK. There’s an entire period where Britain experienced a revival of the blues not seen in America. Skiffle, which is closely related to the country and western style, might be interesting for some collectors too.

Asian and Australian Record Collecting

While most westerners know JVC for their recording equipment, the company started a revolution in Japan. Japan Victor Company was actually a record label at one point, and interested parties can find many releases that parallel those of their parent American firm, the Victor Talking Machine Company. That being said, the Victor Entertainment brand is more associated with record releases there today. Once again, numerous records from the Far East and Australia may interest collectors. Soundtracks are usually particularly popular, but no one should miss a chance to nab a rare foreign pop album.

Spotting Bootlegs

Unfortunately, it’s so easy to get fooled by a good bootleg recording. No one really wants one of these, though some people feel that they might be collector’s items in their own right. Nevertheless, it’s best to avoid them. Pay attention for any labels that look dull or have rampant misspellings on them. Unofficial record companies seldom invest in good equipment, and they often employ people who aren’t native English speakers.

About the author:
Jason Kane writes about vinyl albums and audio equipment. In his spare time Jason likes going to car shows and listening to his Beatles vinyl collection.

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Who doesn’t like Free music

On the Amazon site, you can download FREE Mp3s. (I know, I know, not as cool as Vinyl… I’m with ya. But FREE is pretty darn cool too!)

Free Rock MP3 and Top 100

This list is filtered in the “rock” category, but — obviously — feel free to peruse around.

Oh, and if you happen to buy anything on Amazon through this link, one day I might get enough to download one of those sweet 89 cent MP3s. (still waiting for that glorious day! Glad I’m not holding my breath.)

Free MP3s and the current Top 100 ROCK downloads

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New Live videos coming soon

Just thought I’d give my loyal TheDailyVinyl fans a heads-up that on the 2-year anniversary of this site, I’m going to launch “TheDailyVinyl LIVE! I’ve been editing the footage I took at this year’s RUSH, Paul Simon, Wood Brothers and Street Corner Symphony concerts. Keep an eye out for July 7th!

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Acoustica programs rule

I get asked a lot about the programs I use. For my video editing, I use Adobe Premiere. (I’ve used Elements for the past 2 years, but I just picked up CS3 and have been using that for the LIVE videos I’m about to launch.)

But for the past 10 years, I have LOVED using Acoustica programs for audio editing. I really encourage you to check these out. (And if you use these links, they’ll send me a finders fee, which is nice. Every buck I get is goin’ straight to my local record shop!)

Spin It Again:

The software is dedicated to the task of recording LPs and cassettes. It digitally cleans and restores them. This allows the user to focus on the job of recording their records and tapes, instead of learning how to use a complex recording application. I haven’t used it too much, but it seems really cool.

Now, Mixcraft is a GREAT program. I use this all the time for editing and recording audio:
Yer gonna want Mixcraft 5

I think this link goes to a trial version


Need a great labeling program? I use this one for all my CDs:
Buy Acoustica CD/DVD Label Maker

and here’s the trial version link:


Here’s another program I use weekly. This is a GREAT audio file converter:
Buy Audio Converter Pro

Trial version:

Well, hope their stuff helps you as much as they’ve helped me! Let me know if you download it and what you think about them.

The Dude
~ June 2011

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Yes – Union. Worst Yes record?

Next year is the 20-yr anniversary of the album “Union” by prog-rock band YES.

The 70′s and 80′s had been good to YES and they were coming into the 90′s with an intersting and amazing project. A union of 8 of the most classic members. Jon Anderson (lead vocals) had left the band (for the 2nd time) after the “Big Generator” tour. Frustrated w/ the pop direction the band had taken following the mega-hits “Owner Of A Lonely Heart” and “Leave It” (from 1983′s “90125″) and the minor hits “Love Will Find A Way” and “Rhythm Of Love” (from 1987′s “Big Generator”).

Anderson regrouped with 70′s-Yes alumnis Steve Howe (guitar), Rick Wakeman (keyboards)and Bill Bruford (drums). They called themselves Anderson, Bruford, Wakeman, Howe. (Sounding very much like a law firm.) They were joined on bass with Tony Levin (Peter Gabriel’s studio and stage bass player and met Bruford during their stint with King Crimson in the early 80′s.)

The remaining members of YES were Chris Squire (bass, backing vocals – and the only member to appear on every YES record), Trevor Rabin (guitar – the “new guy” and primary inspiration and songwriter for those big 80′s hits), and Tony Kaye (keyboards – the original keyboard player on their 1st three records. But was fired in favor of a more dynamic player: Rick Wakeman. Kaye rejoined just before the 90125 album was record and my understanding is that he was actually used very little on those records as Trevor Rabin was a fairly accomplished on the keys.) and Alan White (drums. Only the 2nd drummer in Yes’ history. Pretty good.)

After Anderson, Bruford, Wakeman, Howe’s self-titled debut was released to fairly good reviews and a successful tour, they had little quality material for the follow-up. Jon Anderson was urged to approach Trevor Rabin about writing some new material for them.

Eventually the stage was set for the first YES record to feature those 8 alumni.

Could have been amazing. Could have.

Unfortunately, the record label pressured for quick release. The album was rushed, studio musician were brought in (I think there is like 8 keyboard players listed in the credits). And for the most part, the songs are just not good. The 8 musicians did not play on any song together. It was still the Anderson, Bruford, Wakeman, Howe & Levin (with some new backing vocals provided by Squire) and Rabin, Squire, Kaye, White with lead vocals by Anderson.

The tour was great. I saw them in Miami. Fabulous show. Terrible record.

But for some strange reason, I pulled it up on my iPod while washing the dishes and I wonder if it could have been better if the song listing was different. Maybe not, but it couldn’t have hurt! Although some reviews on Amazon praise the beginning of the album, the first time I listened to it I wanted to vomit, hating the first 3 songs.

Here is the original track listing w/ the primary YES version (ABWH or ARSW)

1. I Would Have Waited Forever – ABWH
2. Shock to the System – ABWH
3. Masquerade – Steve Howe guitar solo
4. Lift Me Up – ARSW
5. Without Hope You Cannot Start the Day – ABWH
6. Saving My Heart – ARSW
7. Miracle of Life – ARSW
8. Silent Talking – ABWH
9. More We Live/Let Go – ARSW
10. Angkor Wat – ABWH
11. Dangerous (Look in the Light of What You’re Searching For) – ABWH
12. Holding On – ABWH
13. Evensong – a Bruford/Levin improvisation
14. Take the Water to the Mountain – ABWH
15. Give & Take [import version] – ABWH

First off, I think there are too many songs. I would’ve pulled a few tracks and saved the rest for a “Lift Me Up” CD single. For instance, the Steve Howe solo “Masquerade”, to me, is just awful. It sounds like he screws up the timing and hits a few duff notes. “Evensong” is fine, it’s a short mellow sound improvisation w/ few chords played on the bass (Tony Levin) and electronic drumming by Bill Bruford. I personally can’t stand “Without Hope You Cannot Start the Day” and “Shock To The System”. They just hit me so wrong. Here’s how I would’ve released the record. (I’m not sure if they released “Union” on LP, but because this IS The Daily Vinyl, I thought of it terms of side A & B):

Side A
1. Lift Me Up – ARSW
2. Dangerous (Look in the Light of What You’re Searching For) – ABWH
3. Miracle of Life – ARSW
4. Holding On – ABWH
5. Take the Water to the Mountain – ABWH

Side B
1. I Would Have Waited Forever – ABWH
2. Saving My Heart – ARSW
3. More We Live/Let Go – ARSW
4. Silent Talking – ABWH
5. Angkor Wat – ABWH

“Lift Me Up” EP
1. Lift Me Up (radio edit)
2. Shock to the System – ABWH
3. Give & Take [only released on the Japanese version] – ABWH
4. Masquerade – Steve Howe guitar solo
5. Without Hope You Cannot Start the Day – ABWH
6. Evensong – a Bruford/Levin improvisation

Any of you familiar w/ this record care to comment?

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David Gilmour and Roger Waters perform together!

On July 10th, former Pink Floyd bandmates David Gilmour and Roger Waters performed together for the first time since Live 8 in 2005 at the Hoping Foundation Benefit Evening, held at Kiddington Hall in Oxfordshire, England.

The band consisted of Gilmour, Waters, Guy Pratt (bass and acoustic guitar), Harry Waters (keyboards), Andy Newmark (drums), Chester Kamen (guitar) and Jonjo Grisdale (keyboards). The line-up performed in front of 200 people, raising some £350,000 for the Hoping Foundation (Hope and Optimism for Palestinians In the Next Generation) in the process.

The tracks performed were “To Know Him Is To Love Him”, “Wish You Were Here”, Comfortably Numb” and “Another Brick In The Wall (Part 2).

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It’s been too long!

Life has been busy in “The Dude’s” world. I have several vinyl videos filmed and ready to be edited and uploaded. Just trying to get the time. Sorry my Vinyl Video fans…! Coming soon, I promise.

In the meantime, I thought I’d talk about some cool things I want to get.

#1 — BOOK: Drugs, Divorce and a Slipping Image – The Complete, Unauthorized Story of The Beatles’ ‘Get Back’ Sessions
I own the previous version of this book entitled “Get Back: the unauthorized… somethingsomtheingsomething.” And what a facinating read! It chronicled every musical performance during the recording & filming of The Beatles when they were creating the Get Back/Let It Be record in January 1969. The tapes were rolling and they were jamming all sorts of songs. Some of which I have acquired (primarily “Thirty Days” – a 17 CD set and various other sources). Apparently, this version has been completely re-written with more source material located.

2. — CD: Doves – The Places Between (The Best Of Doves) – 2CD + DVD!

Anyone following The Daily Vinyl knows that The Dude LOVES Doves! I cannot get enough of this band. This best of collection looks awesome. Although I do have all their albums & several b-sides, there is a DVD included with 13 music videos. (None feature The Daily Vinyl, unfortuately, but you can see the one I made for “Kingdom of Rust” and “Winter Hill” here:

3) DVD: Lagaan – Once Upon a Time in India

Ok, so my two little girls watched the movie which we borrowed from a friend. It’s four hours long and they completely hang with this Bollywood flick. The music is amazing (which is their favorite part.) It’s by A.R. Rahman, whom I just discovered. He also did the music for Slumdog Millionaire

4) 1/8″ or Headphone extension cable. So check this out. It’s only 1 cent! I’m totally getting, like, 2!

5) Book – yep another Beatles book. This looks fascinating too!

Let me know if you check any of these things out.

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Pavement Play First Show in 10 Years!

Indie rock fans’ prayers were finally answered Monday night in Auckland, NZ. Yep, it really happened: Pavement reunited for their first live concert in more than 10 years.

At the 1,600-capacity Town Hall, the quintet — guitarist, vocalist Stephen Malkmus; guitarist Scott “Spiral Stairs” Kannberg; drummer Steve West; bassist Mark Ibold; and multi-instrumentalist Bob Nastanovich — kicked off their world tour, which hits Australia and Japan before heading stateside this spring for fests like Coachella and Sasquatch!

The band rocked through a 25-song set — which they refined during two weeks of rehearsals in Portland, OR — including plenty of tracks from SPIN’s dream setlist: show-opener “In the Mouth a Desert,” from the band’s 1992 full-length debut Slanted and Enchanted, Wowee Zowee gem “Grounded,” and Crooked Rain, Crooked Rain standouts “Cut Your Hair,” “Gold Soundz,” and “Range Life.”

Spiral Stairs took to his blog to post a few photos from the show — including this charming backstage shot. “We were seriously nervous!” he wrote in the post. “The show was great. The fans were unreal. Whew… all those Pavement anxiety dreams can now go away!”


Here's a cool "highlights" of Pavement collection. Great price. A great place to start if you've never owned any Pavement. And since its all remastered, a great addition to any collector.

Here's the Setlist from the show:

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U.S. Earthquake Danger Zones

With earthquakes in the news lately, some may be curious of the U.S. fault lines. I know I was.

Turns out, most states are at risk of major earthquakes, with 39 of the 50 states in the moderate-to-high risk areas for seismic activity, ABC News reports.

This map courtesy of the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) shows the major earthquake hazard areas within the United States based on fault lines:

fault lines and earthquake areas in the united states

Earthquake danger zones in the U.S. by state

The Dude wants to know… So if an earthquake happened and you were trapped for a day with nothing but music to listen to… what would be your first go-to “comfort” record?

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Emerill BAM!!!

Here’s a video I made several years ago for a sales team motivational kickoff. You know, it was all “c’mon sales guys… Kick it up a notch… BAM!” I spent all day watching TiVo’ed videos of Emeril just waiting for the payoff.

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Genesis to be inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

Honestly, I’m stunned. I cannot believe Genesis will be inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. That just blows my mind. Being a fan of the band since the early 80’s, and having seen how the press typically hates anything Phil Collins has ever touched in the last 30 years, I was shocked, surprised, but really freakin’ glad to hear that on September, 23 2009 Genesis was even nominated .

One of my best friends – (let’s call him “Chris” because that’s his real name) — was asking me – “The Dude” — why I liked them. Well, this thought runs through my head often. Why do I keep choosing to listen to Genesis when I have nearly 34,000 songs on my iTunes that could play for more than 108 days (That’s 15 weeks, non-stop, day & night!)

I think there are several factors. But first, I’m excited to report that YouTube is now allowing my Genesis video for the 1970 song “Stagnation”. Watch it here:

Here are some cool things about Genesis in no particular order:

1. Genesis functioned as a true democratic band. Most of the musical ideas and lyrics were fleshed out amongst the 3-to-5 musicians. The singer (be it Peter Gabriel: 1968-1975, Phil Collins: 1976-1992, Ray Wilson: 1997) didn’t always (or even typically) write the lyrics. This is pretty rare in rock ‘n’ roll.
2. Melody is king. Not just the vocal melody, but the piano/keyboard lines, the guitar “solos”, even the drum parts can be hummed.
3. It’s all about the Song. Each song is like a short story. Every instrument contributed to the telling of that story. Solos were not just to dazzle other musicians or make non-musicians worship the ground they played upon. When they used odd time signatures, it was also for the proper shaping of the song. Not just to show off that they could play in 7/8. (IMHO, of course).
4. Variety of lyrical concepts. Probably because each musician contributed whole or part of the lyrics, the topics are all over the place. “The Fountain of Salmacis” was a tale about the first hermophrodie, “Can-Utility and the Coastliners” is based on the legend of King Canute, who supposedly ordered the seas to retreat to mock the sycophancy of his followers. (I don’t even know what that means!) “Eleventh Earl of Mar” refers to the historical figure of John Erskine, 11th Earl of Mar. But Genesis could occasionally still romance the ladies in those early days. Peter Gabriel sings “Hello Babe with your guardian eyes so blue. Hey my baby, don’t you know our love is true. I’ve been so far from here, far from your warm arms. But now I’m back again. And, babe, it’s gonna work out fine. Can’t you feel our souls ignite?” Lyrical variety is even on their #1 pop/rock album “Invisible Touch” – Romantic lyrics (“Throwing It All Away”) next to an 11-minute epic with a nuclear war scenario (“Domino”).
5. Songs often developed through jamming. I love that many of their songs just came about while jamming for hours in the studio. The guys would then take the tapes home and return with the bits & pieces that they thought worked well. And the wide-range of musical moods within each song is so unlike what other bands do.
6. Underrated musicians. Founding member Tony Banks is one amazing keyboard/piano player. Pretty humble guy too, from what I can tell. Oh sure, he’s stubborn as a mule, but you’ll never see him showboating. Heck you’ll hardly ever see him move from his hunched-over stance. Founding member Mike Rutherford may not be the best guitar player out there, but his bass guitar work is up there with the “greats.” (Listen to “No Reply At All” for some excellent bass playing.) Phil Collins is probably more remembered for his use of drum machines in the 80’s than his stellar drumming in the 70’s.
7. Trench coats. So many videos of Phil, Mike & Tony in trench coats, walking the streets of London or sitting in an auditorium. Who doesn’t love grown men in trench coats, a little nervous that they may get flashed any moment?
8. Ok, strike #7.
9. Innovators. Genesis have always been on the leading edge of technology. Show lighting and instruments were always the latest. The Yamaha CP-70 electric piano is practically synonymous with Genesis circa 1979-1987. And who could possibly discount the incredible roll Peter Gabriel played in bringing 3rd-World music to the West?
10. The new remixed and remastered series. I hear something new and interesting every time I listen. Worth every penny.

Chris… I hope you enjoy your birthday present of a 4cd “mixtape” of Genesis. C’mon man, give ‘em a chance.

The Dude says…
Favorite Genesis studio albums
1. The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway (1974)
2. Duke (1980)
3. Abacab (1981)
Favorite live Genesis album: Seconds Out (1978)
Favorite Genesis songs:
1. Behind The Lines (Duke, 1980)
2. In The Cage, Live Medley (Three Sides Live, 1982)
3. Stagnation (Trespass, 1970) — watch TheDailyVinyl Video #23
4. Lilywhite Lillith (The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway, 1974)
5. Evidence Of Autumn (Extra Trax 1976-1982)

So there you go.

And here’s an interview w/ Mike Rutherford & Tony Banks about the induction:

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The Dude wants to know… Are you ready for the Holidays?

I have had a frustrating week trying to get my latest Vinyl Video to finalize. I continue to receive an “out of memory” when I render it. Grrr! Frustrating. So, in the meantime while I troubleshoot, I was wondering if all my loyal (and new visitors) were ready for the Holidays! Do you have all of your shopping done for Christmas yet?

I recently established an affiliate relationship with a few companies. If you purchase anything thru these links I get some spare change to buy more vinyl records. Seems like some of the companies might have something of interest. Can’t hurt to look!'s Deal Center

See what's on sale at Sheet Music Plus

7-day Free trial of Napster! - Outlet Deals

Download 25 FREE songs at!

I’d love to know if you find anything interesting!

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iPod Cables saved my life

Ok, saving my life is probably an exageration. But I just ordered these three cables from Amazon and I LOVE THEM!
This first one is a 6 ft Dock Extender Cable for iPod/iPhone (they have both black or white cables and 6′ or 2′.) If your iPod has a case and you have a speaker system, then you know how it sucksass to have to pull your iPod out of the case to stick it into the speaker system.
Cool, eh? The next two are for standard audio systems, but if you have a case, you’ll want at least one of these. They both connect to the dock connector instead of the headphone jack… so the audio feed is a much a higher quality. I picked up both of them because I like the flexibility of being able to go to RCA or 1/8″ plug.

Let me know if you have any questions about these, or if you pick one up too!

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YouTube subscription?

Have you subscribed and friended TheDailyVinyl on YouTube yet? Please do.

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TIME Magazine: “Vinyl Gets Its Groove Back”

Cool article in TIME Magazine from last year.
“Vinyl Gets Its Groove Back”

Reviews of The Daily Vinyl are starting to surface. how fun!

Wow… This is cool! It’s interesting to see some reviews and such on the web.

I like what this guy wrote at"...It's a simple idea, so simple that it's hard to decide if they're genius or just kind of there." < lol! > "The interesting part is that the turntable remains static and is almost detached from the scene while things tend to happen all around it. The camera only moves in an ambitious vid for Pink Floyd's “Us and Them,” in which the 'table is rolled around in a grocery cart."

And here's an online music store that I just discovered. Check it out. See if there's anything you've been trying to find.

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The Dude Wants To Know… What’s the Deal with The Kindle?

Ok, I want to know… Do you have a Kindle? Is it worth the money? What’s the best part about it? If you don’t have one would you ever get one?

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