Hey Vinyl fans! I realize it’s been awhile since I posted…

… but I have been uploading some things to my YouTube channels:


for instance, I interviewed the drummer for the fabulous The Wood Brothers and we listened to their masterpiece “Atlas” from the recent live double-album. Check out the brief interview and enjoy the song:


But I guess most of my activity this year has been on the Live page. I finally completed editing and uploading the super-sexy & talented Kimbra from New Zealand (you may know her from the Grammy Award winning hit “Somebody That I Used to Know” with Gotye.)

Here’s the 1/2-hour I filmed from her Ypsilanti concert at Michigan State University:


For the Classic Rock lover (that’s ME!) I also filmed The Who in Nashville. I captured the whole show from the 5th row, but so far I’ve only uploaded the “Quadrophenia” section (over an hour & a half!):


Another fun show I caught this year was The Psychedelic Furs and Spacehog:


To see the list of all the concerts I’ve ever attended, check out Setlist.fm. I love that site. It’s so cool to track all the shows you’ve been to. If you setup an account and post a link, I will totally be thrilled & check it out!!

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Record Store Day 2013, Nashville, Third Man Records, Grimey’s, The Groove

Here’s what I did on Record Store Day, 2013.

I interviewed people standing waiting to get it. Some camped out over night. I caught a few artists performing and even visited the place where the vinyl is pressed into a record!

ENJOY installment #3 of “The Daily Vinyl Presents: Off The Record with The Daily Vinyl”

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Vinyl Hunting: Finding Rare and Imported Releases

Vinyl Hunting: Finding Rare and Imported Releases
by guest blogger Jason Kane

Many audiophiles devote a lot of time to searching for imported releases. It’s a popular pastime, and some rare musical treats will only be found on records from other countries. While there’s a decent market for foreign rock groups and the like, British bands are usually the most familiar to North American music fans. There are numerous American and Canadian groups that received record releases in Europe and Asia. Fans of reggae are certainly going to want to check out the world of Jamaican releases. Some fans even like to see the special releases that came out on French language labels in Quebec.

European Vinyl

Believe it or not, many European albums featuring American and Canadian recording artists will have sleeves in English. Only the record label and some other myriad details will have changed. That being said, that doesn’t mean that these records aren’t worth anything. They can often fetch a good price at auction or in antique stores. Of course, that also means that buyers might have to spend some time shopping around to find the right price.

Once in a while, it’s possible to find a rare track on one of these that might not have had a stateside release. Entire volumes have been written on the differences between Beatles albums in the USA and the UK. There’s an entire period where Britain experienced a revival of the blues not seen in America. Skiffle, which is closely related to the country and western style, might be interesting for some collectors too.

Asian and Australian Record Collecting

While most westerners know JVC for their recording equipment, the company started a revolution in Japan. Japan Victor Company was actually a record label at one point, and interested parties can find many releases that parallel those of their parent American firm, the Victor Talking Machine Company. That being said, the Victor Entertainment brand is more associated with record releases there today. Once again, numerous records from the Far East and Australia may interest collectors. Soundtracks are usually particularly popular, but no one should miss a chance to nab a rare foreign pop album.

Spotting Bootlegs

Unfortunately, it’s so easy to get fooled by a good bootleg recording. No one really wants one of these, though some people feel that they might be collector’s items in their own right. Nevertheless, it’s best to avoid them. Pay attention for any labels that look dull or have rampant misspellings on them. Unofficial record companies seldom invest in good equipment, and they often employ people who aren’t native English speakers.

About the author:
Jason Kane writes about vinyl albums and audio equipment. In his spare time Jason likes going to car shows and listening to his Beatles vinyl collection.

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Ringo Starr 72nd birthday, Nashville TN 07-07-12, Give Peace a Chance, Peace and Love

July 7, 2012. Ringo Starr was in Nashville to celebrate his birthday and do his annual “Peace & Love” wish for the world. I filmed the whole event and edited it down to this 4:32 video. ENJOY!

It includes a spontaneous rendition of “Give Peace A Chance”. Also, I was holding up a sign that said “It’s My Birthday Too, YEAH!” and he read the sign and wished ME a “Happy Birthday, Brother!”

And it’s all on video!!!!

Update: He performed at the legendary Ryman Auditorium later that day. That show is being released on DVD

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Gabe Dixon – exclusive interview. New album: “One Spark”

Vol. 2 in the “The Daily Vinyl Presents ‘Off The Record with ‘The Daily Vinyl’”. This episode features the amazingly talented Gabe Dixon!

The new album:

The brilliant self-titled Gabe Dixon Band record! GET THIS RECORD!!!!!!!

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U2: Nashville July 2, 2011

Finallly got the U2 playlist created:

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Off The Record: Aradhna [ep01]

This is a new segment for TheDailyVinyl channel called “The Daily Vinyl presents ‘Off The Record with The Daily Vinyl’ ” (catchy, right?)

Episode #01: ARADHNA.
The first time I even heard of Aradhna was mere hours before their Nashville show. There was something about the little postcard-sized flyer that grabbed my attention… the two hippie lookin’ dudes playing sitar and acoustic guitar and it said they sang mostly in Hindi.

The duo’s performance (along with a drummer – their college-buddy who lived in the area) was astoundingly beautiful! There was such passion in their presentation. It was a Spiritual experience — at least for me (and my lovely goddess of a wife.) It was the kind of Spirituality that transcends dogma.

I sat down with Chris Hale the sitar player and learned about the formation of Aradhna, his time in India, what inspired him to pick up the Sitar, and their 2011 release “Namaste Sate”

To learn more about them, visit AradhnaMusic.com.


Aradhna MP3s on Amazon

Download Namaste Sate

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