Record Store Day 2013, Nashville, Third Man Records, Grimey’s, The Groove

Here’s what I did on Record Store Day, 2013.

I interviewed people standing waiting to get it. Some camped out over night. I caught a few artists performing and even visited the place where the vinyl is pressed into a record!

ENJOY installment #3 of “The Daily Vinyl Presents: Off The Record with The Daily Vinyl”

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Ringo at the Ryman

I was honored to get to sit in the production truck while this was being filmed! At least for a couple songs. Saw Ringo sing “Boys” and “Yellow Submarine” from the multi-cam monitor. Totally awesome. And now HERE IT IS!

Are you going to buy this?

Also, in case you didn’t my earlier post, this just happened to be on my & his birthday! Earlier that day, (July 7, 2012). Ringo was at the Hard Rock in downtown Nashville to celebrate his birthday and do his annual “Peace & Love” wish for the world. I filmed the whole event and edited it down to this 4:32 video. It includes a spontaneous rendition of “Give Peace A Chance”. Also, I was holding up a sign that said “It’s My Birthday Too, YEAH!” He pointed to it and read the sign aloud… and wished ME a “Happy Birthday, Brother!”!

YEAH! I got wished a “happy birthday” by a Beatle!!

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Vinyl Hunting: Finding Rare and Imported Releases

Vinyl Hunting: Finding Rare and Imported Releases
by guest blogger Jason Kane

Many audiophiles devote a lot of time to searching for imported releases. It’s a popular pastime, and some rare musical treats will only be found on records from other countries. While there’s a decent market for foreign rock groups and the like, British bands are usually the most familiar to North American music fans. There are numerous American and Canadian groups that received record releases in Europe and Asia. Fans of reggae are certainly going to want to check out the world of Jamaican releases. Some fans even like to see the special releases that came out on French language labels in Quebec.

European Vinyl

Believe it or not, many European albums featuring American and Canadian recording artists will have sleeves in English. Only the record label and some other myriad details will have changed. That being said, that doesn’t mean that these records aren’t worth anything. They can often fetch a good price at auction or in antique stores. Of course, that also means that buyers might have to spend some time shopping around to find the right price.

Once in a while, it’s possible to find a rare track on one of these that might not have had a stateside release. Entire volumes have been written on the differences between Beatles albums in the USA and the UK. There’s an entire period where Britain experienced a revival of the blues not seen in America. Skiffle, which is closely related to the country and western style, might be interesting for some collectors too.

Asian and Australian Record Collecting

While most westerners know JVC for their recording equipment, the company started a revolution in Japan. Japan Victor Company was actually a record label at one point, and interested parties can find many releases that parallel those of their parent American firm, the Victor Talking Machine Company. That being said, the Victor Entertainment brand is more associated with record releases there today. Once again, numerous records from the Far East and Australia may interest collectors. Soundtracks are usually particularly popular, but no one should miss a chance to nab a rare foreign pop album.

Spotting Bootlegs

Unfortunately, it’s so easy to get fooled by a good bootleg recording. No one really wants one of these, though some people feel that they might be collector’s items in their own right. Nevertheless, it’s best to avoid them. Pay attention for any labels that look dull or have rampant misspellings on them. Unofficial record companies seldom invest in good equipment, and they often employ people who aren’t native English speakers.

About the author:
Jason Kane writes about vinyl albums and audio equipment. In his spare time Jason likes going to car shows and listening to his Beatles vinyl collection.

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The ABCs of Rock

I have seen a preview of this book… and it is FREAKIN’ AWESOME!!!! It was created by a wonderful person and a very dear friend of mine that sadly — and unfarily — left this earth before she could see the final product. Melissa and I spent many afternoons talking about what bands and artists could be featured in an ABC book. LOL! What a great concept!!! I’m amazed it all came together.

Trying to think of what to give that rock’n’roller for Christmas? Here ya go!!!!

You’re welcome!

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The Dude wants to know… did you know that My Sharona was a real girl?

My Sharona!Over 30 years ago, a band called The Knack catapulted to stardom with its hit, “My Sharona.” It also made a star out of its muse, a woman named — not surprisingly — Sharona.

The Knack’s lead singer Doug Fieger wrote the song for the then-teenager who would become his girlfriend, Sharona Alperin. Fieger died last month after a battle with lung cancer. Alperin, who stayed friends with him, was one of the people at his side during those last days.

Sharona Alperin is now a real estate agent in Los Angeles. But she still remembers when she was introduced to Doug Fieger, by his girlfriend.

“I was about 16 or 17 at the time,” Alperin told host Guy Raz. “He was nine years older than me. And within a month or two later, he told me that, ‘I’m in love with you, you’re my soulmate, you’re my other half, we’re going to be together one day.’ And I was madly in love with my boyfriend at the time, and so it took a year for me to leave my boyfriend.”

Alperin remembers the day when she first heard “My Sharona” — before she and Fieger were an item.

“One day, on my lunch break from my clothing store, I went to their [The Knack's] rehearsal,” she says. “And I saw maybe Burton [Averee] or Doug [Fieger] say, ‘Should we play it? Should we play it? All right, let’s play it for her.’ And I sat down. Cut to: I’m driving back to the clothing store, and I’m thinking, ‘Did I just hear a song with my name in it?’”

The cover art of the single “My Sharona” actually features Alperin posing in a revealing tank top and tight jeans. For some time, she was famous in her own right.

“That was, like, my normal outfit, what I wore all the time, by the way,” she says, laughing. “I guess I didn’t look at myself as a celebrity, but people were very excited when they met me. And I remember going on tour, and seeing sometimes people dress up. And I’d say, ‘What are you dressed up as?’ And they would say, ‘Sharonas.’

“Not everybody knew that Sharona was a person, or they thought maybe it was a thing. I think in Japan, they might have thought it was the male organ — that’s what I heard.”

Fieger and Alperin eventually got married to separate people, but they remained in touch. Fieger died on Valentine’s Day this year, but Alperin says she went to see him frequently in his final months.

“A lot of his idols, people that meant so much to him in the music industry, came to pay their respects to him,” she says. “And it was really beautiful.”

(This article is posted from NPR:

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U.S. Earthquake Danger Zones

With earthquakes in the news lately, some may be curious of the U.S. fault lines. I know I was.

Turns out, most states are at risk of major earthquakes, with 39 of the 50 states in the moderate-to-high risk areas for seismic activity, ABC News reports.

This map courtesy of the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) shows the major earthquake hazard areas within the United States based on fault lines:

fault lines and earthquake areas in the united states

Earthquake danger zones in the U.S. by state

The Dude wants to know… So if an earthquake happened and you were trapped for a day with nothing but music to listen to… what would be your first go-to “comfort” record?

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The Dude wants to know: your most played songs on iTunes

The Dude wants to know, what are your 5 most played songs in your iTunes category. I was just looking at mine, and they are definitely unusual. But I’ll tell you what came up (sorting by playcount)
1. Secret Agent Man – Johnny Rivers
2. I’m a Believer – Smashmouth
(both for rehearsing tunes in one of my bands)
3. Dhan Dhan – Mantra Girl
4. Business Affirmations –
(both for Spiritual & Business meditation. My wife & kids especially like Mantra Girl)
5. 19-2000 (Soulchild Remix) – Gorillaz
(this is the first song that is purely by musical choice.)

So…. what’ve you got guys and gals?????

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The Dude wants to know… Were you ever into britpop?

Did you ever get into the late 90′s britpop thing? I really got into BLUR. I didn’t “get” them until I heard “Song 2″ (which you may know as the one that goes “WOO-HOO! When I feel heavy metal. WOO-HOO! And I”m pins and I’m needles. WOO-HOO!…”) Suddenly it all made sense to me. But I haven’t listened to them in probably 8 years. I link to this 2 CD set popped-up in my Facebook ads and I really enjoyed listening to all the samples. SO many songs I forgot about completely! Songs like “Blue Jeans” “Badhead” and “Strange News from Another Star”. Brilliant stuff. I’m glad I had some distance from it, but I think I’m ready to pick it up again.

If you aren’t familiar with their stuff, listen to samples here.

The Dude really wants to know what you think of it. Does it sound dated to you? Do you dig it?

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The Dude Wants to know… How well do you know The Beatles?

The most recent Vinyl Video from Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band got me wondering how well YOU know The Beatles trivia. Turns-out, there’s a Beatles Trivia Pursuit game going to be released Aug 10, 2009.

How well would you do at this game?

The Dude also wants to know… What are your 10 favorite BEATLES songs at this moment?

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Hurley Wants To Know… Top 5 desert island discs?

There you are… sitting… marooned on an island. It’s just you…. and Hurley. Before your trip, you only had a few minutes to load up your brand new (fully charged) iPod with 5 albums. (Double albums count as 2… so no fair using “The White Album” as 1 selection!) Huley wants to know… “what’s on your iPod, dude?”

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The Dude wants to know… do you buy vinyl LPs?

Do you buy new and/or used vinyl? My answer is… yes. (surprised?) In fact I’ll be featuring two brand-spankin’ new records in this weeks vinyl video. I’ll be breaking their seal for your voyeuristic pleasure.

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The Dude wants to know: What was your very first rock concert?

The Dude wants to know… What was your very first rock concert? Mine was INXS, 1988 “Kick” tour. The night before my first day of college.

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The Dude wants to know… was there a “break-up” song that finally meant something?

I remembering making a break-up mixtape for my ex-girlfriend when I was 17. It kicked off with Howard Jones’ “What is Love” (“What is love anyway? Does anybody love anybody anyway?”).

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The Dude wants to know… What Was Your First Record?

Got a great story about your first record? Was it a birthday gift? Did you have to save up your lunch money to get it? Do you still own it?

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