About The Daily Vinyl

I am “The Dude.” I created these Vinyl Videos because the idea came to me one night. Rather than think of 100 reasons not to do it, I decided to be the kind of dude that runs with an idea. The first video I filmed was for The Pretenders’ song “Middle Of The Road.” I grabbed my Gemini turntable, stuck it in the street and figured out how to mount my digital camera straight above it. It was fun and fueled my desire to film “She’s A Rainbow” by The Rolling Stones on my sidewalk and then Phil Collins’ “In The Air Tonight” while a severe storm was looming one evening.

To the right of the screen, under “Categories” you will see “Vinyl Videos“.

TheDailyVinyl.com is simply a place to celebrate music. I’m always amazed at just how powerful it is. A special song can instantly recall a memory. I want to explore those areas in Your Music Memories section. First record? First concert? Break-up song?

While I love looking back I’m also excited about new bands. If you’ve heard something cool lately, please share in the New Music category.

And here’s where it all started.┬áHere I am DJ’ing the nursery.
little DJ