The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway to Finally Receive Big-Screen Treatment

It started with a simple phone call.  Phil Collins, who had actively been enjoying his retirement assumed “it must be someone interested in my Alamo collection.”

But it was superstar Adele, the mid 20’s, multi-platinum selling artist. She was preparing for her new record and recalled how influential the “Tarzan” soundtrack was in her formative years. “The prospect of working with one of my first idols proved to be an impossibility to ignore.”

The two collaborated off and on over the course of a year due to her unexpected pregnancy.

But a small twist of fate occurred as well. “My husband’s uncle said ‘you need to hear THIS’ and he gave me a copy of ‘The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway’ by Genesis. I was completely fascinated by the cover, the story inside written by Peter Gabriel, and of course the fantastic music inside. I had never heard ANYTHING like this ever!”

The very visual elements to the lyrics got other wheels in motion. “I thought ‘surely there is already a movie about The Lamb but I learned there is not!”

Adele rang up long-time family friend William Friedkin (The Exorcist) and the two began collaborating on a screen play.

“We are about 2 months away from beginning the opening shots.”

Genesis fans around the world will be celebrating this news. Or is it more of Nursery Cryme?

Adele continued “A couple minor elements of the story have changed to fit the 21st Century. For starters, I desired to play the role of Rael. So we’ve had to flip gender roles throughout.  Instead of Brother John, it is now Sister Joan.”

The part of Sister Joan is to be played by Britain’s Got Talent superstar Susan Boyle.

“Susan and I are total best friends. I ran the idea up her flagpole and she jumped at the opportunity. She’s often quoted as saying that ‘Invisible Touch’ is her all-time favorite song, so anything to do with that classic Genesis sound, she was completely on-board with”

Apparently there’s some other minor changes.

“We had some issues with music licensing, so we’ve used some of my favorite songs from my own personal catalog. For instance, instead of ‘In The Cage’ we are using ‘Rolling in the Deep’. We’ve had to do this, not by choice, but by necessity.”

Another minor change involves the Slipperman, Peter Gabriel’s bizarre lumpy, bumpy creation of STDs gone very wrong. The Slipperman’s skin is covered in “slimy lumps with lips that slide across each chin.”

Adele found this visual extremely disturbing. “I’ve made the executive decision to remove the Slipperman’s grotesque scene and replace it with my music video for ‘Set Fire to the Rain.’ I think audiences will find this much more pleasing.”

How does Adele think Genesis fan’s will take to this updated take  of “The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway”?

“I think the fans everywhere will embrace this work as part of the official Genesis canon of work.”

Adele hopes to have the film in theaters by next April 1.

While fans will have to wait until next April Fool’s Day, they can order the new Genesis documentary Sum of the Parts on Blu-Ray.

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  1. Gilkes says:

    The Slipperman deserves its place!

  2. Gerard palumbo says:

    Am I the only 1 that gets this is an April Fools joke

  3. Kim Fyson says:

    I do! It’s an April Fool obviously, but perhaps those not getting it are also fooling?

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