The Basics (Gotye) – So Hard For You (demo) – Leftovers (TheDailyVinyl official music video #56)

You may remember the artist Gotye. He, uh, got naked with a hot chick while their bodies got painted and then reminisced about Somebody That They Used to Know. Well, his real name is Wally De Backer and Gotye is his solo project. His rock ‘n’ roll band is called The Basics. He’s the drummer & part-time singer with co-founder and co-writer Kris Schroeder & guitarist Tim Heath.

The band has released 3 full-length studio albums, a live record several EPs, and has just released 2 compilations, one of favorites (“Ingredients”) and one consisting of demos, live bits and alternate mixes called “Leftovers”.

I pre-ordered my vinyl copy from and got it on March 1, 2013.
Join me (and Bronte) checking out the first track for the first time. Spoiler alert – it’s AWESOME!
While the vinyl contains 13 tracks, the album also comes with a download card for 38 songs!!! SWEET!
Check it out.

Oh, and check out as well as my other YouTube channel,

From the last Basics-related recording session, Kris Schroeder had initially intended for the recording of “So Hard For You” and “A Night Inside Your Mind” to be used as demos to ‘sell’ to other artists. With the recording of his solo EP Patience in the Face of Control, these recordings were shelved and have never been released (let alone heard by anyone outside of the band.) Though Kris insists the song was written about the uneven relationship between celebrities and their entourage, there have been suggestions that the real meaning could be closer to home and involving someone close, thought this has never been substantiated.

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