The Beatles Medley – Stars on 45 Drive My Car, Nowhere Man, Eleanor Rigby, Get Back, While My Guitar, etc

Finally finished Vinyl Video #48. If you were alive around 1980/1981 you might remember a bit of medley craze. I think “Hooked On Classics” was the first big hit. The next couple big ones were a Beach Boys medley that used the REAL Beach Boys audio tracks and this “band” called Stars On 45. This is Side A of the album “Stars On Long Play”. I did a little bit of editing to the theme song at the beginning, middle & end to keep it under 15 minutes.

I filmed this with the help of my 2 girls. As you may know, I record the audio on my home stereo system to get the best quality, then synch up in editing. The lights were activated by sound, so for 17 minutes my girls and I made non-stop noise and singing at the top of our voices. Hilarious.

If you want to own the single version, it’s downloadable here:

(The single version also has a bit of “Venus” and “Sugar”)

Or the full Side A:

(wow, all 15 minutes for only 89 cents! jeepers!)

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