Ritual by YES (‘Nous sommes du soleil’ edit) [The Daily Vinyl music video #42]

Oh, and while we’re speaking of YES… I guess I forgot to post the link to The Daily Vinyl music video #42: “Ritual” by YES (special ‘Nous sommes du soleil’ rare edit)

Using a very rare DJ pressing of YES’s 1973 controversial double album “Tales From Topographic Ocean,” I created a unique VINYL version. (Guess this could have been the single edit, if they had just asked me!) The full length version is over 20-minutes.

The bulk of this video was filmed in East Tennessee out in the woods of Fairfield Glade. I was on a “spiritual retreat” so, of course, I brought my turntable. I filmed my drive back in the snow and it just felt magical. Wanting to bring the video out of the cold and into the blue sky & sunshine, I later filmed my drive to Florida the following Spring with this video in mind. (Look for the double rainbow… WHAT DOES IT MEAN???)

I hope you enjoy it.

And I have to say, as much as I love my records, if ever an album benefited from being remastered to CD, it’s “Tales From Topographic Ocean”. It simply sounds incredible. I realize that a double album with only 4 songs is not for the faint-of-heart, but it really is an incredible masterpiece of the genre that has become known as prog-rock.

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