Off The Record: Aradhna [ep01]

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Episode #01: ARADHNA.
The first time I even heard of Aradhna was mere hours before their Nashville show. There was something about the little postcard-sized flyer that grabbed my attention… the two hippie lookin’ dudes playing sitar and acoustic guitar and it said they sang mostly in Hindi.

The duo’s performance (along with a drummer – their college-buddy who lived in the area) was astoundingly beautiful! There was such passion in their presentation. It was a Spiritual experience — at least for me (and my lovely goddess of a wife.) It was the kind of Spirituality that transcends dogma.

I sat down with Chris Hale the sitar player and learned about the formation of Aradhna, his time in India, what inspired him to pick up the Sitar, and their 2011 release “Namaste Sate”

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