I’m Running by Yes [TheDailyVinyl music video#45]

Dedicated to the runners of the Country Music Marathon, April 30 2011. At this point, these athletes have already completed 19.4 miles!!!! and still another 7 miles to go. (Heck, I get winded running 2 blocks, so I’m amazed at all these people! Good on ya!)

The song “I’m Running” was recorded by the band YES and released on their 1987 album “Big Generator” — the follow-up record to 90125. (You may see a similar code on the lyric sleeve.) This song was always my favorite from “Big Generator” and the closest to that classic YES.

The filming was fun. It was hot and windy. You can actually watch the sun warping the record, hence the reason I used the LP jacket as shade. That seemed to help. Couldn’t stop the wind tho! Look out!!!

You can see the difference in album cover from vinyl to CD:

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