The Daily Vinyl video #37: “Ain’t That Peculiar” by Peter Gabriel (RARE!)

This classic soul number was performed by Peter Gabriel in Chicago 1979. It was released on the Bristol Recorder. Which was apparently a record with a magazine attached to the gatefold sleeve and produced in Bristol, UK. This was the 2nd volume released like this. To my knowledge, this recording is NOT AVAILABLE ANYWHERE! (Feel free to correct me if I’m wrong.)

Peter’s notes on this track (and references to 2 other live songs “Not One Of Us” and “Humdrum” for possible future TheDailyVinyl release) are as follows:
“A cassette recording featuring my Alexis Korner impersonation on the intro. The band were Tony Levin: bass. Larry Fast: synthesiser. Allan Schwartzberg: drums. Jimmy Maelen: percussion. Phil Aaberg: piano. Steve Hunter: lead guitar. Robert Fripp: rhythm guitar (partly concealed). These cassettes were dug out of the live cassette box, so the quality of sound is rough. Certain of the vocal bits made me cringe so I spent a little time ‘doctoring’ ‘Not One Of Us’ and ‘Ain’t That Peculiar.’ In the profession, we call this cheating.” (You can hear how his vocals are “double tracked”)

Pre-order the new Peter Gabriel record “Scratch My Back”

Description on Amazon:
Peter Gabriel s Scratch My Back album project is the first part of a series of song exchanges in which Gabriel and other leading artists reinterpret each other s songs. To help craft his recording of the album s eclectic array of cult favorites and classic tracks, Gabriel enlisted former Durutti Column member John Metcalfe, composer, arranger and the expertise of producer Bob Ezrin (Pink Floyd’s The Wall , Lou Reed’s Berlin ) and engineer, mixer and producer Tchad Blake (Suzanne Vega, Sheryl Crow, Tom Waits).

Gabriel describes this as a very personal record with twelve songs performed only with orchestral instruments and voice. He made the choice not to include guitar or drums. The album’s richly diverse sounds include the sparse romance of Lou Reed’s The Power of the Heart , the powerful musical journey of David Bowie’s Heroes and an epic arrangement of Arcade Fire’s My Body Is A Cage. Gabriel and his collaborators recorded the album at George Martin’s Air Lyndhurst Studios and the Real World Temple with further editing and mixing at his own Real Worlds Studio in Wiltshire. The Scratch My Back release is one of the most creative and engaging records from an iconic artist in a long time. The marketing focus is to penetrate Peter Gabriel’s core fan base as well as fans of all genres and in all demographics given the scope of artists being covered as well as its depth of composition.

Here is the complete track listing:
1. Heroes (David Bowie)
2. The Boy In The Bubble (Paul Simon)
3. Mirrorball (Elbow)
4. Flume (Bon Iver)
5. Listening Wind (Talking Heads)
6. The Power Of The Heart (Lou Reed)
7. My Body Is A Cage (Arcade Fire)
8. The Book Of Love (The Magnetic Fields)
9. I Think It’s Going To Rain Today (Randy Newman)
10. Apres Moi (Regina Spektor)
11. Philadelphia (Neil Young)
12. Street Spirit (Fade Out) (Radiohead)

The Deluxe special edition has a 2nd disc with:
1. The Book Of Love (Remix)
2. My Body Is A Cage (Oxford London Temple Version)
3. Waterloo Sunset (The Kinks) (Oxford London Temple Version)
4. Heroes (Wildebeest Mix)

The Release Date is March 2nd!!!

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