The Daily Vinyl video #03: “Saturday In The Park” by Chicago

I believe this is the last video to be uploaded that couldn’t be added to YouTube. This is a new version.

About this video: It seemed only fitting to make a Daily Vinyl video for “Saturday In The Park” since Independence Day was on 4th of July this year. (haha) I filmed this record in 3 different settings, trying to capture the mood. The first was in the middle of a park near the city of Chicago. I loved the brilliant green grass, but it didn’t feel celebratory enough. I then set-up a night shot so I could showcase my near mastery of the use of sparklers. But I still felt the need for the energy of people at a picnic. So on the day before Independence Day, I filmed my little girls eating stawberries and waving flags. That was the version I posted on TheDailyVinyl. But now that I’m uploading it to Vimeo, I decided to create a version that incorporates all three. So, here it is, “Saturday In The Park” by Chicago.

Original release date: July 03, 2009

The Daily Vinyl video #03: "Saturday In The Park" by Chicago from The Daily Vinyl on Vimeo.

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