The Daily Vinyl video #04: “In The Air Tonight” (rare home demo version)

Finally, after a day-long ordeal of trying to get a succesufl upload to YouTube, Vinyl Video #4 is live. The audio is from a rare “Home Demo Version” of “In The Air Tonight.” (You’ll notice an early vocal take and no real drums, especially at the typical air-drummable climax.) This version was released as the b-side to a 12″ record for Phil’s song “If Leaving Me Is Easy” and to my knowledge, is no longer available anywhere. This Vinyl Video was filmed late at night while a wave of nasty storms were about to roll in. The sky was ominous and, although cannot be seen, I think can still be felt. (oh lord!)

Phil Collins’ first solo album “Face Value” was written and recorded when he was simply considered an amazing drummer that had only taken over lead vocals for Genesis a few years earlier. He was not a songwriter nor the pop-star that everyone knows today. If you’ve never heard “Face Value,” it really is incredible and layered with raw emotion, written during his 1st divorce.

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  1. Steve Clo says:

    craziness! hang on to that one, that might get you out of debt someday

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